Free and Easy Wandering Course Plus


Free and Easy Wandering Course


How To Be Happy, Healthy, Holy and Wise


A five-week course with Solala Towler


Starts Friday March 11


90 minutes per session


Course cost: $108


Course Plus cost: $158


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Free Bonus

Each participant will receive a free copy of Solala’s cd, Sacred Soundings

A lush and hypnotic journey deep into the sacred mountains, with Native flute,

Chinese xiao and dizi flutes, throat singing, harmonic overtone singing,

tamboura and Tibetan singing bowls.



Course Plus


A 45-minute one-on-one I Ching consultation. The I Ching is a four thousand year old book of divination and spiritual guidance. The types of questions/issues we can work with are:


What do I need to know/hear right now for my spiritual evolution?

Please give me guidance about my life path.

I am thinking of moving to a new location.

I am thinking of a new career.

I am seeking guidance on pursuing/not pursuing a new relationship.

I am seeking guidance on a business decision.

What do I need to know about my present situation so that I may move forward in a balanced and healthy way.

Also, feel free to come up with your own questions/concerns!




Each session will be live on zoom.

They will each be recorded

so if you miss a session or want to review the video,

it will be made available to you.



Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu), an ancient teacher of the great tradition of Daoism (Taoism), once described the perfect way of life as, “free and easy wandering (xiaoyaoyou).” By that he meant living a life of ease and freedom, of being relaxed and open to each unfolding moment as it arises, of living a life of childlike wonder and with a spirit of adventure.

The contemporary Daoist master, Hua Ching Ni, says he can describe the perfect life of a Daoist in three words: “Take it easy.”

Why is it that Daoist teachers, both ancient and modern, are so great at living a life of ease and leisure, while at the same time attaining high levels of insight and spiritual illumination? How can they practice wu wei or non-doing, yet accomplish so much? How can they live in a world that is so complicated and stressful, yet enjoy the simple pleasures of a cup of tea and the ability to let go of all their problems and relax into nature, considered the greatest teacher of all?

These principles and practices that were created so many thousands of years ago work just as well in today’s world as they did in ancient China. Daoism is such a rich stew of magical stories, spiritual insight, valuable health practices, an understanding of the energetics of emotions, a deep relationship with nature and the natural way of things, and how to interact with a world as confusing and often even dangerous as ours.

We will explore all of these aspects of Daoism and more in this course. This will be a deep dive into the Daoist principles and practices in how to live a life of balance, harmony and wonder. Just know for now that there is a way of being in the world that will allow you to not only follow your deepest dreams but also attain your highest goals in a relaxed and delightful manner. You will begin a journey to wholeness, happiness and ease of mind and body, and will not only be a light unto yourself, but also share that light with others, in order that they too may find the same joy and fulfillment as you.



Each session with include: Lecture • Storytelling • Practices (Qigong and Daoist Energy Meditation)

  • Sharing • Homework


This course will cover Daoist Principles For A Good Life, such as:


Wuwei (Not Forcing)

Manzou (Going Slowly)

Watercourse Way (Going With The Flow)

Flexibility (Inner and Outer)

The Wisdom of Foolishness

The Value of Worthlessness

Joyousness (a must)

Pu Or The Uncarved Block (Being Simple And Natural)

Ziran (Being Spontaneous)

How To Balance Your Own Yin/Yang Energies

Stillness In The Midst Of Activity

Sacred Union (Spiritual Relationship)

Sacred Sexuality



We will also be covering the Qigong and Daoist Energetic Practices of:


Grounding/Rooting To The Earth And The Sky

Centering Your Being In The Eternal Dao

Strengthening and Filling Your Lower Dantian

Connecting Your Heart Energy With The Heart Of The Universe

Gathering Qi From The Four Directions

Understanding and Utilizing The Wuxing (Five Transformational Phases)

Releasing Old Patterns/Energies That Are No Longer Useful To You

Filling The Jade Pond

Connecting To The Primal Mother

Alchemical Dantian Breathing

Small Heavenly Orbit

Resting In The Hall Of Light



Solala Towler was editor/publisher of The Empty Vessel: The Journal of Daoist Philosophy and Practice for 25 years. He has had 14 books published, including Inner Chapters of Chuang Tzu and and Tales From the Tao (Watkins); and The Tao of Intimacy and Ecstasy: The Promise of Spiritual Union and Practicing the Tao Te Ching: 81 Steps on the Way (Sounds True). His work has been translated into Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish. He is a founding board member of the National Qigong Association as well as past President. He has taught qigong and Daoist meditation for over 30 years and leads tours to visit Daoist temples in the sacred mountains of China.


Solala also leads Daoist Tea Ceremonies and is author of the books Cha Dao: The Way of Tea: Tea As a Way of Life and Tea Mind Tea Heart.

As a musician, Solala has recorded five cds of meditation/relaxation music using large Tibetan bowls, flutes, harmonic overtone singing and group chant.




Just being in the same room with Solala Towler changed my way of seeing the world. He embodies the Daoist attitude of slow down and be yourself – and then he teaches a simple, slow-movement Qigong that is a ticket to an altered state. It hones memory, creativity, inspiration and intuition. I would love for all my friends to be there with me!


I felt the workshop did more than meet my expectations – it took me places I’ve never been and more importantly, it opened an access or light on my path that I knew existed but until now had not had the courage to pursue. Thank you for the gift.


As a beginner I had almost no “expectations”. Even Friday evening, I knew this would be a very positive experience. Many thoughts dove-tailed nicely with present perspectives and others opened up new paths. Solala proved to be wonderful teacher, making learning for a newcomer such as myself enjoyable, pleasant, and beneficial!


Excellent seminar. Perfect way to spend a non-hectic weekend. Nice touch explaining in layman’s terms oriental traditional medicine etc and how it affects qigong. Loved the readings and the meditations.


The wuji form has been and continues to be a very profound teacher for me. I’ve been practicing the form before bed almost daily since I took your class—not out of a sense of discipline but out of love. The form does something for me that is very powerful.


After being initially terrified, I found that not only could I “do it” but I could relax enough to benefit, and enjoy the experience. I learned a lot – thank you for being such a patient teacher!


This weekend with Solala at Columbia Yoga was quite a treat! It was a wonderful experience that included storytelling, flute playing, meditation and of course QiGong. Solala’s easy-going nature allowed many elements to flow together to create a weekend of learning, doing, stillness, and sharing.


Just wanted to say thank you for bringing Solala here. It was an amazing weekend. I felt like I experienced an altered state several times. My qi field feels expanded and clear today. Actually, it’s a little challenging slipping back into the “after the ecstasy, the laundry.” 🙂


Thank you for a weekend I will remember for many years to come.


I am so enjoying your clear, gentle explanations and explorations of the Tao te Ching. In the past, it had always seemed like a mountain with no handholds for climbing. I didn’t know how to engage with it. Now perhaps in my advancing age, I have the patience to look closer to find the places by which to make a slow ascent. And your text and especially, the exercises, make it a really lovely process of discovery.






Solala is a key player in transmitting Taoist wisdom to the West. He pulls off the feat of making Tao philosophy of yin-yang balance, yielding, non-forcing wu wei, and staying centered in the body with qigong totally practical as a guide to relationships. His mastery of relevant ancient texts and poems is impeccable. I’ve known him 20 years, and he walks his Tao talk, a fabulous mix of philosophy, energy practice, and profound wisdom.

            Michael Winn, coauthor with Mantak Chia of, Taoist Secrets of Love; founder


It is not easy to find a friend to share a cup of tea and discuss the Dao and spirituality of life in these modern times. I have known Solala since 2001, when I first moved to the US from China, and was happy to meet someone who is as passionate about learning and sharing his work with others as he is about living a life guided by Daoist principles. With his gentleness, joyful spirit and rich knowledge of the Daoist way of living, I look forward to countless cups of tea together in the years to come.

Master Zhongxian Wu, lifelong Daoist practitioner and author of 11 books on Chinese wisdom traditions.


Solala has immersed himself in Taoist learning and scholarship for many years with admirable devotion and attainment. His on-going output of books and music are to be thanked for those who are seeking Taoist inspirations. He is amongst those Westerners who have become more and more Asian in his right way of living and being. I am proud to call him a kindred spirit in the Tao.

Chungliang Al Huang, founder-president-director, Living Tao Foundation/Lan Ting Institute