Speaking without Speaking


one leaf

Solala’s Blog for the week of 2/25

My computer died a week and a half ago and I have been mourning it ever since. I have been without a computer and have had to borrow my girlfriend’s as a back up. Unfortunately, none of my programs are on it and I cannot do the usual projects. It is amazing how much I depend on it!

Of course I don’t need a computer do practice qigong or meditation. These things are very old-age and don’t required any special equipment or clothing. Just go within, plug into the great unending, ever unfolding Dao and there you are! Laozi says:

Can you hold the body and spirit as one?
Can you avoid their separation?
Concentrating your qi
And becoming pliant,
can you become like a newborn baby?
Clearing your mind and
contemplating the profound
can you remain unflawed?
In understanding all things
can you remain apart from them?
Can you bear the fruit without taking possession of it?
Can you do the work without taking credit?
Can you act without taking control?
Can you lead without dominating?
Can you speak without speaking?
Can you sit without moving?

One of the things that drew me to Daoism is the emphasis on using the energetics of the body to go beyond the body. Daoists fully inhabit their body yet also explore what lies beyond our mortal shell. But it does take a willingness to “sit without moving” and to learn to “speak without speaking.”

It can take a long time, as it has with me, to really understand these kinds of principles and then put them into practice. It can take a lot of effort to reach the state of wu wei or effortlessness. It seems so very simple to follow the we wei way but in the beginning as least, it takes a tremendous act of will to open ourselves up to the state of being able to “hold our body and spirit as one.” But the rewards are huge and the journey is as exciting as the goal.

My girlfriend Shanti and I had breakfast this sunday with our lovely friend Tegra. She shared with us her “not to do” list she does almost every day. Such as “Don’t get uptight about not getting too much done today.” If that isn’t the wu wei way I don’t know what is!

So I am working on my “not to do”  list this week as well. Tomorrow the new computer arrives and I get to immerse myself in getting caught up on projects. But I will take my time, linger awhile on things and feelings “in between” and hopefully, experience some of that advice of the old master on “doing without taking control” and, every once in awhile, practice “speaking without speaking” and “sitting without moving.”