Winter Wonder!


A three-hour seminar about aligning ourselves with Winter energy

with master teacher Solala Towler

• Daoist cultivation for winter!

• Special qigong for the kidney/adrenals!

• A deep dive meditation for restoration of qi and shen!

• Teachings about the year of the yang green wood dragon!

• Stories about healing and spiritual cultivation!

• A Daoist Tea Ceremony for aligning ourselves with the earth and the heavens.

• and more!

Date: 3/17        Cost: $65            Time 1-4 PT time

To register go here:

The seminar will be on Zoom and will be recorded and everyone who registers will get a link to the video. So if you cannot make the live session, you can view the video. 

(Tho I encourage you to come to the live session if possible. The qi is much stronger when we are all together, even in cyberdao!)