Our Mission


Our mission is to create a community of people interested in pursuing Daoist thought and practice. We publish a magazine (The Empty Vessel), organize tours to the sacred Daoist mountains of China, offer qigong training, and provide tools and resources to live a centered and balanced life in the contemporary world. The organization was created in 1993  by Solala Towler.  We also invite speakers and teachers to share their wisdom and knowledge.

The Empty Vessel is dedicated to the exploration and dissemination of Daoist philosophy and practice. It is open to sharing the various traditional and contemporary teachings in a nondiscriminatory manner. We at The Empty Vessel believe that it is in using these practices and attitudes of the ancient achieved masters in a timely and contemporary manner that we can best benefit from them and in doing so, be able to effect change in the world around us.

Explore the world of traditional and contemporary Daoism on this site by visiting our blog section, download free articles from past issues of The Empty Vessel, watch informative videos from China and the world and  peruse our store section where we offer a wide variety of books, cds, dvds and issues of The EmptyVessel, covering Daoist thought, qigong, Chinese medicine, internal alchemy, sexual cultivation and more. Visit our reader’s forum to dialogue with other students of Daoism and enjoy weekly quotes as well as I Ching readings for the week.