Solala Blog for week of 8/15/14


BLOG 8:15:


Allowing myself to become empty

I abide in stillness.

The things of this world come and go

as I watch,

powerful within my own being.

Whatever ends comes round back again.

I watch this in a tranquil

and peaceful state.

I allow myself to return

To my original nature.

In doing so I connect myself

with what can be called “constant renewal.”

To truly understand this process

 can be seen as “illumination.”

To not understand that

things come and things go

invites disaster.

Commentary: It is in abiding in stillness that we can remain detached from the up’s and down’s of life. By remaining close to our own natural, peaceful nature we can deal with life’s challenges without losing our center. All life is change, say the masters of Dao. One day we’re up, the next we’re down. One day everything we lay our hand to blossoms, another day we can do nothing right. The only constant is change. By remembering this we can find our way to flow with the changes instead of fighting them.

We can also think of it as “constant renewal.” Things, money, friends, lovers, experiences, all come and go. It is only our own inner core, our “original nature” that does not change. By always identifying with this we can better understand and even dance with the challenges life offers us.