Solala Blog for week of 8/25




The wise one who preserves peace

in his inner self

encounters no dangers on his way.

He can fight in a battle

and not be harmed by weapons.

He has nowhere for the rhinoceros

to stick his horn.

Tigers can find nowhere

to use their claws.

No weapon can harm him.

Why is this?

Because he has no place

for death to enter.

Daode Jing Chapter  50



If I am able to find

true peace within myself

I will encounter no challenges

I cannot deal with.

I can encounter these challenges

with no harm to myself.

Because of this

there are no challenges

that can truly harm me.

Why is this?

Because I have no place within me

for defeat to enter.


Commentary: If we are truly able to live our lives full of inner peace we will not attract disruptive energy and experiences. And if we do, we can gracefully dance with them, like performing a kind of emotional taiji (tai chi) and either deflect the energy or deflate it.

It is because we are truly peaceful inside that we have the inner confidence and strength to deal with the challenges of life and, instead of being defeated by them, become wiser and larger, more expansive beings instead.